Judge Ravi K. Sandill is a Texan, husband, 

dad and cancer survivor, who is running to 
restore balance to the Texas Supreme Court.

Ravi grew up on military bases throughout

Texas, attended college in Austin, and

graduated from law school in Houston. He has

served as Judge of the 127th Civil District

Court in Harris County since 2009 and is the

first ever district court judge in Texas of South

Asian descent.

About Judge Sandill

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The Texas Constitution tells us that all political power is inherent in the people. Yet, the Supreme Court of Texas is increasingly out of touch with the needs of everyday Texans.

After nearly a quarter century of one-party rule, our state Supreme Court increasingly caters to an extreme, special interest agenda and is ignoring its duty to the nearly 28 million Texans it is elected to serve. On issues from public school finance to equal protection under the law, the Court has failed to do its job.

It is time for a change.

I am running for the Supreme Court of Texas, Place 4, to restore an independent voice to our state’s highest judicial body and to focus on the rule of law, rather than a fringe ideological agenda.

I am a Texan -- the proud son of immigrants -- who grew up in a military family. I am currently a district court judge in our state’s largest county. I am a husband, dad and cancer survivor. And I am running to serve all Texans on the Supreme Court.

I hope to earn your support.​​

Serving All Texans